Unity Magazine


We are Unity Magazine. Founded in Grand Rapids in 2005 by Walter L. Sr. and Patricia E. Mathis, Unity Magazine is published six times a year and looking to grow. Joined with Operation Resources, Inc., our personal mission is to fund scholarship programs for disadvantaged children, sustain our food bank, and to provide community events so everyone has an equal chance to educate themselves to their full potential.

Unity Magazine is looking for partnerships and friendships, seeking the support of advertising dollars. Our magazine seeks to unite and connect businesses with a good cause, featuring the positives of our community. In times like this where it seems convenient to neglect underprivileged communities, most news stories seek to highlight violence and discord. We seek to unify, encourage each other, and actively create a world full of harmony.  In return, we aspire to support you by advertising your business and highlighting your employees. Our excellent writers will provide a great story for you to promote individuals and achievements of your organization.


The Unity Staff

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