Operation Resources Inc. is a charitable 501-C3 organization founded in 1993 to provide funding for educational projects to benefit those in need. Our major project is our scholarship fund.In the past fifteen years, we have helped over 90 low-income students attain an education with our scholarship program. We need your support to reach our goal.

To be eligible, the student must either be enrolled at, or a graduating high school senior who is enrolling for the current school year at an approved college or university. The Recipients may continue to be eligible for the scholarship program for up to four consecutive years provided they continue to maintain the previous qualifications and continue their education.

The application process will also require a photo of the applicant, an essay in which the students state their college and career goals as well as objectives and why they are applying for an Operation Resources Scholarship.

We hope you give a “hand up” to some deserving students that might otherwise not have a chance affording a college education. As our scholarship grows, we hope to be able to partner with your school to give the benefit of a quality education to as many students as possible. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 616-243-1919

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Scholarship Winners

Stephanie C. Feyen

StephanieFeyenDear Mr. Mathis and directors of Operation Resources,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the scholarship offered to me through Operation Resource, Inc. This is such a unique scholarship since it requires me to use skills and knowledge that I have acquired through my studies at Davenport University. One example would be the marketing skills that I used to sell the products. This scholarship is also so unique in that it’s a partnership between Operation Resource, Davenport University, and myself.

I honestly had a fun time completing the requirements to earn this scholarship. I have been employed at Blue Heron Academy for two years, and since then BHA has grown to seven campuses throughout Michigan and Indiana. The school helps students to change not only their careers but also their lifestyle and that of others, through a variety of holistic health programs.Since BHA is dedicated to promoting healthy life styles, I felt that it was the perfect atmosphere to sell Operation Resources water bottles. I implemented a water station at all seven campuses, and am happy to say that sales were a fast success. As for the additional chocolates I had to think a little more creatively to swiftly create demand. I designed a sales promotion in which individuals could not resist once they had tried the great chocolate bars. Offering “buy two get one for free” worked like a charm, especially when students had evening classes right at dinner time. Both Davenport and Blue Heron Academy students and kind faculty contributed to the successful sale of Operation Resource products.By receiving this scholarship, I will be able to remain on the dean’s list, continue as a full time student, and have the capabilities to excel in my future career. When the community offers a warm helping hand to me, I am encouraged to give back even more in the future. I want to thank you very much for this generous gift, and I appreciate your continuing support for my education.I will put the scholarship money to good use to complete my bachelor’s degree. I plan to continue at Davenport to receive my master’s degree. I hope you will call on me if there is anything I can do for Operation Resources, Inc. in the future. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart; it is my goal to be able to help future students with higher education and help their goals become reachable just as Operation Resource has done for me

Stephanie C. Feyen

Crystal Vauters

CrystalVautersDear Mr. Mathis,I know that with God as the Head of my life anything and everything is possible.There are many personal endeavors that I will accomplish in my future. First of all, I will always keep God in my life and I want to really grow and mature in my spiritual walk with the Lord. Wherever I am living after I graduate, I will find me a church to work and serve the Lord in. I want to establish my own health/athletic club.

I have always been really involved with sports all my life, and I want to give the opportunity to others also.

Crystal Vauters

Chris Sain II

 ChrisSainDear Mr. Mathis,

My name is Christopher Darnell Sain II, I received my Masters of Social Work degree from Wayne State University.

From kindergarten through twelfth grade I attended Grand Rapids Public Schools, where upon graduating high school in 2001 I was accepted to Michigan State University.

Although I received grants and scholarships from various organizations, there is one that stands out most: the $500 scholarship from Operation Resources, Inc.

Walter and Pat Mathis, who founded the organization in honor of Willie and Ludell Mathis, work diligently to provide scholarships for young men and women who want to attend college.  The Mathis family and their organization were founded to help give something back tothe Grand Rapids community, especially the Black American community.

With the support of my parents and other financial aid, I was able to pay for tuition, housing, meals, transportation, clothing, and furnishings for my dorm. The $500 scholarship from Operation Resources, Inc. was used to purchase textbooks for the beginning of college. Because of the financial support from Operations Resources, Inc. I was able to borrow less money in student loans and it allowed my parents to spend less money out of their own pocket.

As I reflect back over the years and my successes, I give great honor to God first, my parents second, and friends and financial supporters like Operation Resources, Inc. for making it possible to live out my dreams.

Like the Mathis family, I too will give back to the community. Through my job as a social worker I will strengthen and empower my people to improve the quality of their lives, thus improving our communities.

It is my prayer that financial donors like those who support Operation Resources, Inc. will continue to support this worthwhile effort for many years to come. Your funding is definitely needed to continue this endeavor.

Chris Sain II