parentsMy parents, Willie Mathis Sr. (born on February 21, 1903) and Ludell Mathis (born on November 18, 1905) of West Point, Mississippi, married on April 20, 1924. For sixty-five years they shared a life full of challenges and memories. In spite of having no formal education, Willie and Ludell were wise, courageous, and more than willing to share their thoughts in order to help others in need.

In 1944 the Mathis family moved north to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in search of educational opportunities for the children and employment. Willie secured a job with the C&O Railroad in 1944 and worked there until he retired. Ludell stayed at home with the children.

Along with helping families make the transition from Mississippi to Grand Rapids, Willie and Ludell dedicated themselves to educating their children to prepare them for the challenges they would face in life. Willie had an intense desire and appreciation for education. I remember telling my father that when he died I would purchase the biggest tombstone for him. He told me that tombstones were for the dead, but if he trained and educated his children he would have living tombstones for years to come.

They left this world with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who are successful as physicians, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and business professionals. Though they have both passed on, Operation Resources, Inc. will ensure that their vision lives on.

— Walter L. Mathis Sr.
Chairman of the Board
Operation Resources, Inc.