Spreading God’s Unconditional Love For You

Operation Resources, Inc. is a 501 C-3 nonprofit tax-exempt organization, our mission is to spread the word that we are all ONE RACE (the human race)-ONE BLOOD (washed in the blood of Jesus Christ), and “United, We Make America.”
“We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters in Christ or perish together as fools, but when we lose the right to be different we lose the privilege to be free.”
We are all a piece of God’s puzzle, enclosed is a copy of our pamphlet, for your review.
Option # 1: Personalized the inside back or back cover of our pamphlet with your advertisement to show that your organization promotes UNITY.
Option # 2: Donate money for us to print our pamphlet and upon request, we will give you one half of your donation in pamphlets to give to your members, family and friends, We encourage you to visit our websites at www.operationresources.org or www.oneblood-onerace.org you can call Walter or Pat Mathis at 616-243-1919 for any additional information you might need.
Hopefully we can count on your support for our mission to bring people together today and tomorrow! Spreading God’s word is our entire mission.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing this letter and information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please help us by forwarding our website and phone number to like-minded individuals like you.
God bless you,
Pastor Walter L. Mathis, Sr. wmathis@oneblood-onerace.org
President & C.E.O.
Operation Resources, Inc.

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